ocean exploration

A large portion of the earth’s surface is covered by water. It has been the life passion of Quest Marine Services owners Eric and Lori Takakjian as well as our crewmembers to discover what lies beneath the surface and in particular just what is on the bottom of the ocean. Given that there is so much left to explore and one is only given a single lifetime to get all of their chosen exploring done, focusing on a particular discipline is key to making progress. Our chosen field of ocean exploration focuses on the interpretation of history through submerged cultural resources, namely shipwrecks and underwater archeology.

Inspired by friends, family members and associates that have gone before us, we pick up where they left off in our QUEST for knowledge of history in the underwater world.

Two organizations that we are associated with, The Boston Sea Rovers and The Explorers Club have similar goals that being the sharing of knowledge gained through exploration with the public.

Be sure and check this page regularly for news, events, and listings of public lectures by Quest Marine crewmembers.

We introduce here some of our ongoing and completed projects in the exciting field of Ocean Exploration. 

S.S. Newcastle City
City of Columbus
North American
Boston Dumping Ground
Miscellaneous Shipwrecks
Boston Sea Rovers


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