The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, BOEMRE has recently published a Request for Interest in the offshore continental shelf waters of Massachusetts. Offshore Renewable Energy development interests will now be engaged in the preliminary steps of the offshore leasing process within this region. This will apply to all forms of Offshore Renewable Energy technology, including wind, tidal and wave energy projects.

Quest Marine Services is uniquely suited to provide a full range of submerged cultural resource management services to clients in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector as well as other corporate entities and municipalities.
Quest Marine Services personnel have many years of experience in the investigation of submerged cultural resources. Our unique background in the research, exploration and documentation of historically significant shipwrecks worldwide as well as the coastal and outer continental shelf waters of the United States enables us to bring relevant first hand experience to our clients projects.

Quest Marine Services can provide site surveys, evaluation and assessment of submerged cultural resources, for all levels of federal and state required permitting for Offshore Renewable Energy projects.
Related services include but are not limited to the following:

Level I
Initial desktop studies for the early stages of project planning. This includes consultation for the evaluation of potential submerged cultural resources within a defined project area.

Level II
Remote sensing side scan sonar and magnetometer surveys of defined project areas for the purpose of locating and identifying potential submerged cultural resources within a project area or offshore renewable energy lease block.

Level III
An in depth investigation of identified submerged cultural resources within a defined project area or offshore renewable energy lease block. This type of investigation utilizes divers and or ROV’s for the photographic documentation and physical measurement of specific sites. Sample data collection operations can be included in this type of investigation.

Quest Marine Services personnel have a long history going back decades in fields of research, investigation and discovery of submerged cultural resources. We look forward to using our expertise in this area to assist our clients with their Offshore Renewable Energy projects. | 508-789-5901