diving services

Quest Marine Services divers represent some of the most experienced divers on the East Coast of the United States. Divers from Quest Marine have developed a reputation for performing the most difficult of underwater tasks safety, efficiently and in a timely and cost effective manner.

Complex survey and salvage operations have been accomplished at open ocean locations in water depths well in excess of 200 fsw. Some survey operations have been performed close to the limit of manned diving technology. Safety and professionalism is paramount in all diving operations. Quest Marine divers continually take part in training to remain current on the latest diving techniques and methods. Equipment is maintained to the highest standards and continually upgraded. All Quest Marine divers are trained in diving accident and emergency oxygen management.

Quest Marine Diverís Skills
Air and Mixed Gas Diving
Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreathers
Breathing Gas Blending
Formulation of custom decompression tables for specific tasks
Inspections and surveys of vessels and facilities
Video and still photography
Accident investigation and salvage assessment
Salvage and object recovery
Vessel and facility maintenance and repair
Instrument deployment and recovery

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